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Divorce has become pretty common but most people still don’t understand the whole divorce process. A family law / divorce attorney can help you understand the process and give you advice every step of the way. The following tips are just a little bit of divorce information and are in no way a replacement for legal advice. As you go through a divorce, we suggest you do the following…

Communicate With Your Spouse

Maintain an open line of communication with your spouse. The better the communication, the better the divorce proceeding will go. It’s essential to have good communication in matters of custody, property division, and spousal support.

Be Honest About All Your Property and Assets

Make sure that you disclose all property and assets because if you don’t, it can hurt your changes of a settlement or bring further legal proceedings.

Ask Questions 

Ask your attorney, spouse, and spouse’s attorney as many questions as possible to avoid surprises.

Follow Through On All Custody and Visitation Agreements

If you complicate a custody or visitation agreement for your children, it can be viewed as disrespectful towards the court’s orders by the court and hurt your case.

Hold Off Remarrying During the Divorce Proceeding

Most times you add a third party to a difficult situation, it will only get worse and could complicate and delay your divorce proceeding.

Do Not Sell Any of Your Assets During the Divorce Proceeding

Selling any of your assets will complicate proceedings and through up a red flag to the court and your spouse.

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