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Adopting a child is, of course, one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life. It gives all the legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood to another person and the process can take months or years. Since it’s a constitutional right to parent your own child, any process that gives those rights to someone else should error on the side of caution. If that isn’t all serious enough, the government wants to make double sure that people who want to adopt can provide an environment for the child to thrive. So, the adoption process is usually a slow and steady process and having legal representation will be very helpful every step of the way. The following are some ways that an attorney can help those you want to adopt…

A Detailed Explanation of the Adoption Process

Adoption is a process. It’s not just finding some willing person and drawing up some paperwork. Attorney’s can explain the what, why, and how of each step of the adoption process. Once clients know the big picture, they can be less anxious and be better prepared to push through any legal or procedural complications that arise.

Help You Through the Licensing Requirements Process

Being licensed to adopt can consist of any steps, including submitting an application to the court, going through adoption orientation and training, and submitting information to the court. Some of the important information you will need to supply will be your…

  • Financial situation
  • References and social history
  • Moral history
  • Past court actions regarding child abuse
  • Physical and mental health
  • Criminal history
  • Other relevant information

While you try to comply with the information gathering, the help and advice of an attorney is invaluable! If there are any complications, it can slow down the process and a adoption lawyer can help keep the process on track.

Help You in Court

Sometimes complications take you to court. When going to court, legal representation is essential. Having an attorney that was there with you every step of the way will make the court case much easier on all involved and increase the chances that you have a favorable outcome.

Adoption can be a very complicated and delicate process, so it’s important that you consult with an experienced adoption lawyer!

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