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Filing for bankruptcy is difficult but did you know that there are certain assets you can keep? In Kentucky, you are allowed to choose between state and federal property exemptions in your bankruptcy. The following is exempt property recognized by the state of Kentucky…

Your Permanent Residence

In Kentucky, you are allowed to keep home equity in your primary residence. The state limits this exemption to $5,000. You may also keep your burial plot.

Your Personal Items

You will also be allowed to keep $2,500 in your personal vehicle and accessories. You are able to keep an additional $2,500 of value in your work vehicle. If you are a farmer, the state will allow you to keep your livestock, farm equipment, and tools valuing $3,000. Tools needed for your job are protected up to $300. Furniture and clothing will remain in your possession as long as it does not exceed a $3,000 value. The bank will never seize any medical devices or home health equipment.

Your Income, Pensions, and Investments

You are able to hold onto any court ordered alimony, as well as child support and court rewards to cover any loss of income moving forward. Kentucky law protects personal injury settlements valuing $7,500. Any award for wrongful death, workers’ compensation, public assistance, unemployment, and crime victim reparation are also exempt.

In Kentucky, pensions for police officers, firefighters, teachers, and city employees remain exempt from bankruptcy. You will also be allowed to keep possession of qualifying retirement accounts including you 401k and IRA funds.

Wondering if state or federal exemptions are better for you? Compare these numbers with those exemptions so that you can get a better idea of which way you intend to go.

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