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If negotiation with the other party proves unsuccessful, resolving issues through informal negotiations of mediation may be a good alternative. Mediation is an informal process that lets both parties discuss important issues in a structured environment. A neutral mediator facilitates the discussion. Arbitration allows the parties to maintain control of the divorce settlement in terms of the process and the outcome. Mediation improves communication and promotes a collaborative decision-making process which can benefit post-divorce interactions. The following are benefits of family law mediation during a divorce…

Mediation Puts Your Children First

Divorce is especially difficult for children. The privacy and amiability of mediation will help protect your children. Your mediator’s job is to not only focus on you and your spouse individually but also your children. They will help you and your spouse come to an unbiased resolution in the best interest of all involved. Do not forget that even though you won’t be husband and wife anymore, you will always be their mom and dad.

It Is Confidential

This is helpful if there is sensitive information involved in the case. Mediation is completely confidential. If you go to court for litigation, all the facts of the case are disclosed to the public. The parties, the attorneys, and the mediator involved will all agree to keep sessions confidential.

It Is Cost-Effective

When going through a divorce, money is the last thing you want to add to your list of worries. In fact, it is estimated that the cost of mediation is as much as 40 to 60% lower than traditional litigation. It often takes less time to resolve than litigation, which also saves time and money. Thankfully, mediation can offer a far more cost-effective option.

It Is Controlled

Divorce certainly comes with some stress. However, a mediator can help ease the stress of divorce by helping to make sure the details are handled. When you choose mediation, a professional takes over the job of all the details. A mediator will cover every aspect of your case, including details that you never considered. Unlike a litigated divorce, in the mediation process, there are no taking sides. You will work together with your spouse and the mediator, and come to a peaceful solution.

It Is Non-Adversarial

In mediation, both parties work together to reach a solution. Even if emotions are difficult and there is animosity between parties, the mediator can put each person in a separate room and go back and forth to facilitate discussions. When you choose mediation, you opt out of the argument-based feel of court litigation. Mediation focuses on improving each party’s understanding of the other side. This helps couples learn the tools of effective communication, which will benefit you for years to come. You may even use your mediator to settle future disputes.

It Is Creative

You will be able to agree on a convenient settlement instead of relying on a judge to issue a standing order that might not be the best for your situation. The traditional court system can feel stuffy, impersonal, and formal. You worry about what you wear, what to bring, and what not to bring. You worry about the right things to say in court. With mediation, you avoid all of that. When you choose mediation, you choose personal interaction with a professional. Mediation is the best way to ensure that all the aspects of your divorce are tailored to your individual experience.

Deciding on plans for the future can feel like a never-ending game of tug-of-war. Mediation turns an unproductive argument into a successful negotiation. With the right attorney by your side during mediation, your divorce can be a smooth and productive process.

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